We send you the Earth’s finest

coffee, in a pod

Compatible with your Nespresso®* coffee machine.

The Next Box

Is being shipped out to you in…


1. Caffeine Addict

First, decide how much coffee you expect to drink this month (and be honest) – 30 , 50, maybe even 100 pods! Don’t worry, you can always change or cancel plans anytime.


We ship our coffee the day after it’s roasted so you always have the freshest coffee possible, every month.

2. The Coffee

Each month we search the planet for the best small, big, wide, tall batch coffee we can find. We carry out rigorous cuppings so that we can tell you exactly what’s in your cup.


Then send you our favorite from this month. Don’t worry, you’ll get a completely different coffee next month!

3. To Your Door

Did we mention we’ll pay your Royal Mail UK shipping? Around the 1st of each month you’ll receive a box of our coffee pods, hand packaged into Nespresso®* compatible capsules.


Each containing some of the world’s most unique and expensive coffee. Like clockwork Phileas!



There’s a tremendous amount of unique coffee out there. There’s like, a lot. The problem is you can only get your hands on a small selection of coffee because it needs to be packed into itsy bitsy coffee capsules to fit in your Nespresso™ machine. Right?


That’s where we come in. Not only do we grind the coffee up for you and pack it snugly into Nespresso™ compatible capsules. We also spend the rest of the month trying a shed load (that’s a real measurement) of edgy and experimental coffee to save you the time from trying all of those weird and nasty ones. Bringing you three incredible, powerful flavours from around the planet… Every month.

Get A Box From £19

Fancy a box cup ol’sport

On standby? Try them first.

We’ve tested our capsules big time. Compatible with modern Nespresso® machines and totally safe for your machine. We care about him (or her).

We realise you don’t want to part ways with your hard earned cash. Just pay us one of your fine English pounds + shipping and we’ll send you a pack with each of this months flavours. Sign up to our box and we will send you a taster pack. If you don’t like it, you can cancel anytime before we bill you on the 25th of each month.